Environmental & Social Impact Assessment is a process of identifying, predicting, evaluating and mitigating the biophysical, social, and other effects of particular projects to the environment. To undertake these assessments, we have got a registered and reliable team of experts that are drawn from environmental sciences, ecology, pedology, hydrology, engineering, and social sciences among other fields, depending on the nature of assessment to be undertaken.

The ESIA team has collectively conducted hundreds of EIA studies across the region with SustiGlobal and other consulting firms. As part of ESIA, the consultancy team has at times conducted Relocation Action Planning (RAP), Environmental & Social Management Framework (ESMF) and exhumation of graves along stretches of projects such as electricity transmission, roads and pipe lines. Where best alternative routes should be determined, GIS technology is applied. The projects that require ESIAs fall in the Category A and B of the Equator Principles (EPs) as read with the First Schedule of the Environmental Management Act (CAP 20:27) of Zimbabwe. Such projects are;

  • Dams, man-made lakes & irrigation schemes
  • Conversion of forests land to other uses
  • Land & housing developments
  • Industry (tanneries, smelting, abattoirs & etc)
  • Infrastructure (highways, railways, airports)
  • Mining, quarrying & ore processing
  • Petroleum production, storage & distribution
  • Thermal, solar & hydro power generation
  • Power transmission
  • Tourist resorts and recreational developments
  • Waste disposal & treatment (landfills)

To boost our capacity we have partnered in consortium with firms such as Citseo Consulting (of Canada) and JBN Consults & Partners (of Uganda) in various projects undertaken in Africa. With these companies we have tendered and worn projects that are funded by Africa Development Bank (AFDB) and the World Bank (WB) and we have produced reports that surpass these clients’ standards and expectations.

Baseline Survey

Our experience in carrying out Environmental & Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) of various projects and our tried and tested multi-disciplinary teams of experts qualify us to conduct the following surveys;

  • Soil surveys( for agricultural purposes)
  • Water quality assessment & monitoring
  • Ecological surveys & risk assessments
  • Hydro-geological surveys &s oil resistivity tests

    So far we conducted geo-technical, soil resistivity, foundations concrete core surveys for live Chertsey and Marvel’s 330/132kV substations, (a Zimbabwean Government project) funded by African Development Bank while Angelique International of India was supervising our work.


We have a wealth of experience in Remote Sensing; and GIS that, enables organizations to run their daily activities, manage developments & monitor assets and general performance. We have applied GIS expertise in the following sectors;

  • Energy Transmission & Distribution Mapping
  • Water and Resources Modelling
  • Pollution and Contaminant Modelling
  • Telecommunication, Transport and Logistics
  • ESIA among other studies

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