Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) commissioned SustiGlobal to conduct an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for its project; that is meant to repower Munyati Power Station by replacing the currently inefficient 15 chain grate stoker type boilers and 7 turbo alternators by 2x50MW Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion (CFBC) boilers and refurbishment of 5x20MW turbo alternators and Balance of Plant (BOP). The current boiler house and foundation shall be dismantled to pave way for the new structures. This upgrade is set to boost power production from currently dependable generation capacity of 25MW. Other auxiliary activities shall include desilting of weir along Munyati River and replacement of a 2km x 300mm diameter water pipeline from water treatment plant to the powerhouse. The power station is situated 5km off the Harare Bulawayo Road at 183km peg from Harare, in Kwekwe. Precisely the project falls on Latitude -18.65696 and Longitude 29.78125. Location of the project sites is given in the attached map with photos giving general outlook of the area.

You or your organisation has been identified as a key stakeholder in this project. May you suggest environmental, social and health comments (negative and positive impacts and other issues that should be taken note of) pertaining to this upgrading project to: info.sustiglobal@gmail.com, cc: oliver.sustiglobal@gmail.com. Tel: (0242) 252562.

On another note our management is quite grateful for the comments and support we always receive from you. They are quite value adding and with them we believe, the environment shall be protected for future generations. Thank you.